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  2. David Bowie, 1973

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  4. Worlds Collide.

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  6. Debbie Harry near the Hollywood sign, 1977

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    Allison Lasley SoHo loft, 1985.

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  8. Mandy and Val TV Episode 3 - - - The Ren Episode



  10. Getting PayPal’ed by your boyfriend cos he has no money, but he’s good for it.

  11. The first Unicorn Hard-On video. For Hellebore off of Diamond Habitat. 3 X Tape Release. Didn’t know much about Photoshop, learned as I went along.Took me 2 years. Video came out like, late 2007 or was it 2008? Can’t remember anymore. XO


  12. Tape It To The Dog remix for upcoming remix tape featuring songs off of the album Two Benji’s

    Now available to download off Soundcloud!

  13. A little preview dance rehearsal for my next music video for ROCK SALT by the one and only Sigrid Lauren.

    Download Rock Salt and the rest of the album from Weird Universe here.

  14. Disneyland mermaids c. 1960s (via)

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